2022, The Year of the Beaute

The one thing we've have learned the past several years is how essential it is for us to recharge to perform as our best self! If we pour ourselves into catering to others, who is going to do the same for us when we're the ones we depend on!? How did we get that bruise? Do we really have it all put together?


Enter Venus... Thirty-something Beaute living in Midtown Atl. Born and raised in the once Red suburbs, She's clumsy yet doesn't see her boundless charm, her own worst critic, anxiety-ridden- yet- weekly-therapy-is-her-yoga, but ballsy 'fake it til' you make it confidence to stop a MARTA in it's tracks... well when she builds up the gumption. Well we're all a work in progress!

Venus' character flaw is being tardy, sometimes from supporting the local coffee shop. She is weary from life's burgeoning surprises, but the friend everyone depends on since she's honest and never holding any punches. Empathetic to the core can be a double-edged sword when you're trying to be your best self. 

Has an MBA, is miserable in her corporate career, and tinkering with making her 5-9 artsy hobbies into a potentially successful gig. And her greatest passion and the one thing she is actually proud of is her hair...obvs.

Lover of kids, but not wanting her own right now, besides plants were less expensive. Lucky at finding bargains online...but perpetually unlucky at love. Like most women in their late 30's, jaded by men dating is a joke. But not wanting to group every single man in the sleezeball category, Venus still believes in romance and love, it's just difficult no thanks to social media 


Venus is your average everyday Beaute, but also her superpower is being her. Just like us.


Venus has gotten fed up with society's expectations one too many times. She doesn't believe in resolutions that are made to be broken by month two. She's gone to therapy for so long but has not had it click about working towards the goals aside from showing up (late) to appointments to try to figure out what went wrong in her life. She figures if she wants to be the leading lady in her life, she needs to stop acting the supporting actress. Venus decides to make 2022 her year of challenges. Challenges are baby steps. They're not right or wrong, but they are little goals for yourself to help you feel better about being YOU.


-Venus decides to slow down and enjoy the journey and not the destination so she makes note of her values and how she wants to grow.

-Venus realizes she only celebrates large achievements like receiving an imporant diploma, but forgot about each tidious course taken that caused a lot of blood, sweat, tears, cursing, and chocolate cake consumption. Really, was that Stats 2 course necessary? Not, but it was a huge feat for someone sucky at math. 

-When we set huge goals, our ladders to success are smaller steps when we write it all out. Who wants to get on a ladder with three steps spaced widely apart, especially when you trip on your own feet.

-Challanges are not about only winning or losing, giving up and feeling like a failure, or just reaching the finish line. It's about being a better version of who we were yesterday, not the world's view of perfection. It is about being apprecative of the experiences and people rooting you on, self-compassionate about being human, and it is celebrating your growth each step of the way.

Don't compare yourself. Don't give up on yourself. Challenge yourself. 

Don't make stupid toxic positivy mantras that will end drive us crazy. Do what works for you and what makes you feel good.

Challenge yourself:

-To work out one day for your mental health and to feel sexy instead of to lose five rude pounds.

-To take a mental health day off work when you feel burn out coming.

-To go on a date for a fun experience, but not hold on just so you won't be lonely. (Red Flag Radar)

-To learn something new in a way that enriches you and not just so you can mark it off a list.

-If you have children, to spend days with them individually and grow special bonds

-If you are in a relationship, to value and priortize one another. And if you're not getting what you give, call them out! Respectfully.

-To favor quality over quanitity, whether it's lifelong friendships or sustainably made yoga pants

-To take time to recharge so you can be your best version of yourself and be able to show up for those you love. YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF TO DO THAT!! Not selfish.

-To have self- compassion with little or big mistakes. Treat them as learning experiences and not a time to chastise your existence.

-To keep moving forward. Whatever that looks like for you.

-To priortize mental health; make therapy your favorite hobby and/or turn negative thoughts into positive of yourself. (pass a mirror and remind yourself how sexy you are!)

-Spend time alone to enjoy your company and learn the difference between being lonesome and lonely;  for anyone to fill your void vs. being filled with your own goodness.

-Bottom line:

INVEST IN YOURSELF!! That is our challege.

When you look good you feel good, yes. But remember your superpower is being you, so don't always compare what makes someone else feel good to what makes you feel good. 

In 2022, our heroine, Venus, is going to invest in herself and her hair to help her feel her own best! 

Venus is the Beaute that we all see ourselves as, even when we cannot always see our best qualities staring back at us.


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Follow along weekly with Venus and her (mis)adventures of life, love, 2022 challenges, health, and gorgeous hair.


Cheers to the year of the Beaute, 2022!



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